Spelling Bee

Attention All Spellers, the 2nd Annual Spelling Bee will be held at Wilson Wims ES in January 2016. Here are the dates and sign-up links to register your child and volunteer at the events.

Jan 11, 2016: 3rd Grade - Mon Jan 12, 2016: 4th Grade - Tue Jan 13, 2016: 5th Grade - Wed Jan 14, 2016: 1st Grade - Thurs Jan 19, 2016: 2nd Grade -Tues Jan 20, 2016: Final Bee - Wed (Only Winners from the Grade 3, 4 and 5 Class Bees will participate) Jan 21, 2016: Kindergarten Bee - Thurs Sign Ups Due by October 30th with words sent by November 2. Only 25 students per grade slot with a waiting list. If interested but not sure, please sign up for the waiting list and words will still be sent out to you.

Kindergarten Sign-Up

1st Grade Sign-Up

2nd Grade Sign-Up

3rd Grade Sign-Up 4th Grade Sign-Up 5th Grade Sign-Up Please send questions to: ptaspellingbee.wwes@gmail.com