School Supply Drive

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It's that time of year!! The time where teachers run out of their school supplies and are in great need. With large class sizes and budget cuts-our hard working teachers have to spend so much of their own money for VERY necessary school supplies.

We are SO excited to help them get some of their MUCH needed items!!! Please sign up and help our Wims staff.

We have included an amazon link for each item-all you need to do is copy and paste (you don't even need to leave your house-which is great in this weather!!). One thing that SEVERAL teachers asked for is indoor recess games-they are in DESPERATE need!!! If you can-please sign up for at least one item-MOST items are under $10 dollars. You do not need to buy on Amazon, but if you go to the store-make sure you double check the quantity carefully.

WHEN SENDING ITEMS IN- PUT ITEMS IN A BAG AND PLEASE LABEL them "School Supply Drive"-your child can turn into their teacher-then the items will be sent to the office and distributed to the correct staff member.

Any questions/concerns-please email us. Thank you in advance!! All item should be in by Friday, February 12. Julie Underwood and Randi Bluestein