Congratulations to Our Amazing Wims Spelling Bee Winners!

We would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the 2016 Spelling Bee. It was a great experience for everyone and we hope you enjoyed it. Here are the vocabulary and spelling bee winners for each grade, as well as the final bee winner. Please support our Final Bee Winner, Aileen Sharma, at the county bee! James Whittier Lewis Theater, Holton-Arms School, 7303 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 Date & Time: 03-12-2016 10 AM Congrats to our Vocabulary Winners First Grade: Amishi Walia Second Grade: Hannah Lau Zaheen Ahmed Samyuktha Sivakumar Third Grade: Isaiah Daniel Praneel Suvarna Fourth Grade: Veera Singh Fifth Grade Winner: Nipun Kanuparthi Congrats to our Spelling Bee Winners First Grade: Saesha Dhote, Krishan Maranchi, Akanksha Rangarajan Second Grade: Saayuj Nair, Sejal Regmi, Jayson Lee, Zaheen Ahmed, and Sowmya Divakarla Third Grade: Adhivitaa Sriram and Abigail Jerald Fourth Grade: Aileen Sharma, Ritviik Ravi, Veera Singh Fifth Grade: Swetha Sridaram, Maanvitha Kalachagari, Yoksha Murugunantham Final Bee Winner Aileen Sharma, 4th Grade, Mrs. Bigelow ** The Kindergarten Spelling Bee is planned to be held in March. Confirmation of the exact date will be sent separately once a final date is selected. There will be no vocabulary quiz for Kindergarten participants.