Yearbook Drawing Contest Has Begun!

Attention WWES students in grades 3-5!

Show your artistic abilities and have a chance for your art to be on the front or back cover of the yearbook.


When creating your art please use the following themes/colors

  • Wims School Spirit

  • Wildcats/Paw Prints

  • “The Sky’s the Limit”

  • School Colors Navy/Lime Green/White

All submissions must follow the following criteria:

  • Drawings must be on 8.5X11 white paper

  • Paper must be sturdy or card stock style paper

  • Full color design encouraged

  • Entries must be turned into the front office only, please do not give to your teacher.

  • There will be a special box in the office for entries. Please use care as to not bend or crease your artwork

  • Please write child’s name & grade in pencil on back of work

Any questions regarding the yearbook drawing contest please email Wendy Davis