Wildcat Fun Run Is This Wednesday, October 25th!

Parents, thank you all so much for supporting this year’s Wildcat Fun Run Program.

If you haven’t registered your student yet, you can do so this weekend on www.funrun.com by searching for our school or using our school’s registration code: 414-887. This weekend we have a special challenge where students can receive an additional reward for new pledges. You can learn more on funrun.com.

We are also opening pledging to cash, check, and online credit card payments! Thank you again for supporting our school!

Remember, the fun run is Wednesday, October 25th! Please come out and support your student’s for the big event!

We are also looking forward water and lap marking volunteers!

The event times are (PEP K-1 2:05-3:05) | (2nd-3rd 1:00-2:00) | (4th-5th 11:35-12:35)