New Clarksburg Village Elementary School Site #2: Boundary Recommendations and Board of Education

As you know, Dr. Jack Smith, the Superintendent of MCPS Schools, has released his recommendations for the boundaries for the new elementary school (Clarksburg Villages ES Site #2) opening in Fall of 2019. (You can read the full report by clicking HERE.) On November 1st, the Board of Education adopted Option 1 as an alternative to the superintendent’s recommendation. As the Board of Education indicated at the meeting, this does not mean that the Board of Education supports this Option over the superintendent’s recommendation. However, it does allow the community to provide testimony at the public hearings on both the recommendation (Option 2) and the alternative (Option 1) on November 8 and 12, 2018.

Here is the timeline for remaining boundary actions:

November 15th Board of Education Work Session November 8th, 12th & 19th Board of Education Public Hearings November 27th Board of Education Final Decision